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About us

About company

Our office was established in 2022, inspired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, we are committed to providing distinguished, innovative legal services that meet clients’ needs. We began our journey with deliberate and precise steps, and thanks to our continued commitment to excellence and innovation, our office has succeeded in becoming a leader in the field of law and legal consulting in the region.

Our message

Our message is based on four basic principles: customer focus, innovation, engagement, and business orientation.

Customer focus

We place clients as our top priority, committed to deeply understanding their unique needs, designing personalized legal solutions, and providing exceptional service that exceeds their expectations


We adopt innovation as a pivotal element in our legal practices, keeping pace with emerging developments and new technologies to improve the value of our services and adapt to legal changes


We encourage active engagement with our clients to build relationships based on trust, transparency and cooperation. Our team of experienced attorneys works closely to understand clients' goals and provide strategic guidance to achieve desired results

Commercial orientation

We understand the importance of our clients' business objectives and provide practical legal advice that supports their interests, contributing to the overall success of their companies.

Our mission

Our mission at Othman Law Office is to provide unparalleled legal services, combining client focus, innovation, and effective participation, which contributes to achieving positive results for our clients and their sustainable prosperity.